The promotion subcommittee meets monthly and communicates via a listserv. Meeting dates and log-in information are typically posted on the National SBEAP calendar and new or visiting members are always encouraged to attend. For more details, or if you are interested in joining, contact the chair, Allison Crowther, at

The purpose of the promotion subcommittee is to promote SBEAPs and their work by creating, collecting and sharing materials and resources, as well as pre-written content such as newsletter articles and social media posts. The subcommittee also

  • fosters partnerships with relevant groups such as regulatory agencies and trade associations to help small businesses connect with their SBEAPs
  • encourages collaboration among SBEAPs in various ways so they can learn from one another’s work
  • hosts the NSC Awards Program
  • promotes and participates in Annual Training
  • seeks ways to promote the SBEAP/SBO/CAP Annual Report

When possible, subcommittee members provide articles for the ASBO bulletin and Twitter content for @national_sbeap. Please use the guidelines for writing articles when submitting materials for the ASBO bulletin. Tweets can be prepared anytime and sent to See the Twitter guidelines if you have questions. For other questions, contact the chair, Allison Crowther at

Featured Resources from your Partnership, Outreach and Promotion Subcommittee

Oct. 2017: Tools for behavior change

Aug 2016: Social Media 101

National SBEAP flyer - provides a summary of the SBEAP services and impacts using 2019 national data

Example state flyers or brochures - contact the state SBEAPs for templates


Colorado brochure



Ohio Brochure



Tennessee brochure



News releases and other documents of interest

SBEAP awards - Sept. 2020

SBEAP awards - May 2019

SBEAP awards - May 2018

SBEAP awards - May 2017

SBEAP Awards - May 2016

NSC Past Award Recipients - Historical listing of past winners, updated annually by the Promotion Subcommittee 

Regulatory Assistance for Small Business - Jan. 2016